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Tenant Spring 2016 Newsletter

Are You Using Protection?

No…. not that kind of protection! I’m talking about protection from loss of personal property or a legal suit against you. You can insure just about anything these days but for the purposes of this news piece I’m going to discuss renters insurance. The lease you signed with RMA requires you to purchase a renters insurance policy. If you’re not sure where to go to get renters insurance, the same people who insure your car generally offer this type of coverage.

There are two main parts to renters insurance:

  1. Personal Property – sometimes referred to as content. This part of your policy will protect you from loss of personal items, like your clothes, furniture and valuables. Loss could result from fire, water damage or theft. A typical minimum coverage amount is $25,000 and can be increased to any amount you require.
  2. Liability. This is the part of your insurance policy that will protect you from a suit or liable for damage. If one of your guests gets hurt in your rental, they might sue you to collect money to help pay their medical bills. What if you have the barbeque too close to the wall and you mistakenly scorch the wood siding, or worse yet, set fire to it? Perhaps you go away for the weekend to ski Brundage and turn the heat down a little too low to save on your gas bill. Frozen pipes can cause a huge mess and come with an even larger price tag to remediate! A standard coverage amount for liability is $100,000. However, Kathy Chambers of State Farm Insurance always recommends to her clients, for as little as an extra $1 per month, to increase coverage to $300,000 which is a much more realistic number for today’s costs.

Other items to consider are medical coverage and loss of use coverage. If these items aren’t offered as part of the standard coverage with a minimum limit, they can most likely be added and minimum limits can always be increased.

If you are a pet owner, your liability insurance will cover injury to a guest from an attack by your pet, but damage to the property caused by a pet is not covered by most policies.

Renters insurance is probably the most affordable insurance available. With standard policies from only $10 a month, it’s a no brainer and a requirement of your lease agreement with RMA!

Kathy Chambers of State Farm Insurance, Meridian provided insurance information for this newsletter. For your insurance needs, feel free to contact Kathy at 208-888-4334.

Spring Is Here – Time to Clean Up the Yard!

We may get another light night freeze or two, but spring has definitely sprung. Bulbs are popping up everywhere, the early spring blooming shrubs are in full color and the Cherry Trees are starting to burst into flower. It won’t be long before the lawn will need to be mowed! If your lease agreement with RMA holds you responsible for yard care, remember to rake up any remaining leaves from the winter, pull those pesky weeds that are already poking up all over, trim small shrubs where needed and re-establish a relationship with your lawn mower. Additionally, this is a great time to fertilize the lawn. A weed and feed application will help your lawn get off to a good start and minimize spring weeds.

Drive By Season

Our friendly property managers will be out in the neighborhoods doing drive bys, checking to make sure everything looks in tiptop shape! When you are out and about in the yard, if you notice any exterior winter damage to the building, fence or outbuildings, please contact our office to report the concern.


Our sprinkler crew will be turning on systems over the next 6 weeks. Keep a lookout for a message from Jacob of Baugh Sprinklers. He’ll be calling to let you know when he’ll need access to the sprinkler control box. For those of you who are on pressurized irrigation, we have to wait until the ditches are filled. If you have a concern about your irrigation water, please check with your sub division first to see if there is a community problem, or with a neighbor to see if they are getting water before calling our office.

General Reminders & Updates

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That’s it for now! You’ll hear from us again in the last week of June. Enjoy our beautiful Spring!