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Realtor Partnership

RMA wants to be YOUR trusted property management consultant!

As one of the leading property management companies in the Greater Boise Metro area our time is totally devoted to the management of residential investment property. We work closely with professional, principled real estate agents in our community assisting them and their clients in acquiring residential investment property and then managing their rental(s), maintaining and/or improving the condition of the property and placing and servicing qualified tenants. RMA is a full service management company, many of our clients live abroad, and most live out of state. Our clients rely on us to handle every detail of protecting and enhancing the equity value of their property and providing a consistent stream of income.

RMA will assist you and your client in establishing rental trends, geographic demand, and current average rent rates. When you have narrowed down your selection, RMA will offer rent opinions, and in some situations, once in contract, RMA will even walk through during your Home Inspection to report back any recommendations to your client on how to maximize rental appeal. RMA knows what type of property will make a good rental and where the highest demand for housing is. Armed with our resources you will be able to zero in on the best investments for your clients and capture the best possible ROI on their behalf, making you a Rockstar in their eyes!

When you send a client to us, your name will be attached to their account. If the client tells us they are considering selling or investing in additional rentals, we will immediately notify you.

From time to time we have clients without realtor representation wanting to sell their rental(s). We also have tenants who are ready to pursue the American Dream of becoming homeowners. Additionally, RMA regularly receives inquiries from investors interested in buying in the Greater Boise Metro area. In every case we always ask them if they would like a realtor referral. RMA refers business under our Broker license.

RMA pays a licensed Real Estate Agent or Broker $100 for each client referral that engages RMA for Full Service Management.