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How To Conduct a Tenant Walk-Through Inspection

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Walk-through inspections can help protect the landlord and tenants. However, not all states require landlords to do a final walk-through inspection. With that in mind, even if a landlord is not obliged to perform one, there’s a benefit to practicing this. 

Generally speaking, these inspections encourage tenants to be more attentive, reducing property damage which ultimately leads to fewer deductions on their security deposit. This helps the rental property stay well-maintained and results in greater savings for the landlord.

If you want to learn about some recommended procedures for carrying out a walk-through inspection this article is for you!

Prepare a Form

When conducting an inspection, have a form that lists each room in the unit. You can note details of the state of each room in the rental unit and furnishing. 

For example, have a header for the bedroom then under it write a bullet sub-list that includes walls, door, windows, floor, ceiling, specific appliances, and more. Note all details about each point on the list and separate them into 3 sections: move-in inspection, move-out inspection, and estimated cleanup, repair, and replacement costs.

Don’t forget to leave a signature area where both you and the tenant can sign once the inspection is done. Include the date then produce a copy for the tenant.

landlord inspection checklist

Conduct the Property Visit with the Tenant

Prior to the date of the move-in, schedule a time to have a walk-through inspection with the tenant. Going through the unit together and writing down the conditions of the room and furnishing can prevent future conflicts. This method also lets the tenants know the level of expectation placed on them to reasonably maintain the unit.

You can perform the final walkthrough inspection when the tenancy ends on your own as the tenant will already have a clear idea of the state of rental.

Simplify the Process

Make it an easy process to prevent the tenants from having second thoughts of renting your property. It can intimidate tenants if you document every tiny detail. They might think that everything will be charged in their security deposit.

It’s advisable to conduct the entire walk-through inspection within the span of 20 minutes or less.

Take Pictures or Videos

To monitor the condition of your rental property easily, document with pictures and videos. Using your mobile camera, you can shoot each room and zoom in on the details. It’s best to make copies so if the file gets corrupted, you can still access the document. Videos are very helpful since they’re taken in real-time and can show various angles.

Photos of inspection

Perform an Inspection on Your Own Prior to Meeting Tenants

As a landlord, you need to make sure your rental unit is functional and habitable. You want to eliminate any issues with the rental so there won’t be any problems once your tenant is settled in.

Ensure that HVAC systems, the air conditioner unit and heaters, and all other appliances are in working condition. Make sure that all the taps, the shower, and toilets are working properly as well. You’ll also want to test the locks on the doors and windows and check if they open and close properly. 

When doing the inspection with the renters, go through the same motions again so they can see that everything is working properly. When conducting the final walk-through inspection you will conduct all the same tests to make sure no damages occurred during the tenant’s stay.

Provide a Grace Period for Tenants to Assess Probable Issues

Allot three days as a reasonable time for the tenants to make their own discoveries. They might notice something that you missed during the initial inspection. Have an open mind and record their findings with photos or videos.

This can help to foster a good relationship with your new tenant since you’re showing goodwill by trusting their judgment.

Be Aware of Idaho Landlord-Tenant Laws 

As a landlord, it’s important to be guided by the state laws and find time to review local ordinances to make sure you abide by all rental regulations. 

Landlords are obliged to be aware of their responsibilities. This can protect them from a potential lawsuit. If you have less time to attend to the day-to-day operation of your rental business, it’s helpful to hire a professional property management company.

Property managers in Boise

Property managers are consistent with regular walk-through inspections. They’ll work to save you money and deliver the best customer service to your tenants.

Among other tasks, property management teams look to retain long-term tenants and minimize your marketing and maintenance expenses. They take care of the tenant’s move-in and move-out stage and conduct inspections, cleaning, and property showings on your behalf.


Walk-through inspections are beneficial to both the landlord and the tenant. By performing these inspections you, the landlord, can rest easy knowing that your investment property is well-maintained and your tenants will be conformable knowing that the unit is in perfect condition. 

These inspections can be time-consuming however as there are many details and regulations that you have to be aware of. That’s why it’s recommended that you hire a reliable property management company to assist you.

If you’re looking for a proven and trusted property management company in the Greater Boise Metro area, contact Realty Management Associates Inc. now at (208) 377-8889. We perform marketing, tenant screening, rent collection, property maintenance, and proper inspection services.