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How to Film a Great Video Tour of your Rental

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After a successful rental marketing campaign, prospective tenants will naturally want to view the property before making a decision. 

Now, how you carry out that showing can make the difference between renting it quickly and prolonging the vacancy period. However, in recent years, in-person tours are becoming less and less common. In their place, landlords are beginning to embrace virtual tours. 

Virtual tours help prospective tenants create an immediate emotional connection to a property. That’s because, unlike pictures, they can experience them as if they were actually there. 

Studies have even found that real estate listings with videos generated more leads than those without. What’s more, a smartphone and some basic editing skills are all you’ll need to get started. 

The following are 9 tips on how to film a great video tour of your rental property.

1. Have a Plan in Mind

Every good result starts with a plan. So, before filming anything with your phone, take some time to make a shot-list so you know what you want to film and in what order. This will ensure that you have smooth and steady transitions from one area to another. 

For best results, there are a couple of things you’ll want to consider when planning your filming route. To begin with, you’ll want to ensure that your property looks its best. So, you may want to stage your home before the filming. 

filming video tour of rental

Next, you’ll want to pay attention to your property’s curb appeal. Since you’ll likely start from the outside of the home, you’ll want to ensure that it looks great.

Finally, you’ll want to concentrate on your property’s unique features. So, write down what features make your property stand out, and then make sure to capture them in the film. 

2. Film Your Videos in Natural Light

Natural light does wonders to a room. At the very least, it makes a room feel airy and more spacious. So, consider filming the tour during the day. 

Ideally, that should be either in the early morning or in the later afternoon. These times of day are called golden hours and will add warmth to your video. Also, remember to maximize on the natural light by opening up all blinds and curtains.

3. Use the Right Mode when Filming

In a smartphone, there are two modes of filming, landscape and portrait mode. For a fuller picture, you’ll want to film your video in landscape format. It’ll give prospective tenants a more accurate representation of the layout and size of your property. 

In addition, videos taken on landscape mode will appear larger on whichever screen it’s viewed on. That is, whether a prospective tenant views it on a tablet, phone, or tablet. 

However, the same cannot be said when filming is done in portrait mode. Frames will appear narrow and distorted. 

Rental video tours

4. Ensure that You Capture Everything

When filming, you’ll want to scan slowly to ensure you’ve captured every inch of the space. So, before you start filming your home, ensure you aren’t time-restricted. The last thing you want is to rush through the process and miss something important. 

5. Consider Adding a Voice Over 

Would you be having certain features that you’d want to provide additional context for in your video? If so, consider a narration in your video. For instance, you may want prospective tenants to know of a recent renovation you did. 

But if you aren’t planning on adding a voice-over, then you’ll want to edit out all awkward background noise captured in the video. Alternatively, film your video in mute mode and add some soft background music when editing.

6. Keep the Video Short

Generally, the longer a video, the shorter the viewer retention. So, keep your video short and sweet. Ideally, the video tour should be no longer than 3 minutes for effective results. 

That will ensure that you can capture your viewers’ attention and that they remain engaged.

7. Showcase Your Property’s Best Features

Just as you would with photos, you’ll want to have a clear focal point when filming your video. The quality of your property generally establishes the caliber of tenant you’re likely to attract. 

Marketing your rentals with video tours

What upgrades have you made to the unit? What can a tenant expect in terms of the appliances? Can tenants easily access public transportation, shopping centers, grocery stores, and restaurants? 

Whatever feature you’re able to showcase in the film, do so. And for others, make sure to narrate them in a voice-over. 

8. Keep Your Hands Steady While Filming

A shaky video will look amateur and unprofessional which could turn off potential renters. So, when taking the film, steady your hands as much as possible.

To ensure a more stable video:

  • Stand against a wall or in a corner of a room. 
  • Hold your phone as close to your body as possible. 
  • Avoid moving your hands, and simply twist your torso to take the different angles. 
  • Invest in a tripod 

9. Edit Your Video

Once you’ve got all the shots you need, you must edit them together. Editing a video is vital, no matter how simple the shoot was because it will make all your clips blend together.

Luckily, many free mobile apps can help you get started. If you have an iPhone, then iMovie and Splice are great options. For android users, VidTrim will make the editing process a cinch for you. 


Virtual tours will be here to stay. This is because they allow tenants to get a better idea of the space before visiting it. By having an engaging video tour, you’ll be able to pique tenants’ interest in the space.

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