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How to be a Long-Distance Landlord

Long-Distance Landlord

Real estate is a lucrative industry with a reliable stream of sustainable income if managed right. It could be a single residential home or an apartment building, or even a commercial building, but as a landlord, you expect rent at the end of the month.  For varying reasons, you may find yourself as a long-distance […]

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How to Boost Your Rental Property’s Curb Appeal

boosting curb appeal

When thinking of ways to make your rental property more attractive, it’s important to focus on the exteriors in addition to the amenities inside your unit. Curb appeal forms the first impression of your property for prospective renters. When done right, this has the power to encourage people to sign a lease with you. Even […]

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Tips to Find Great Tenants for Your Rental Property

find great tenant

Once you’ve acquired property and done all the necessary updates and renovations, you must partake in the most crucial aspect of a real estate investment which involves finding the right tenants.  The right tenants are those who pay rent promptly, take care of the property to avoid damages, and participate in the maintenance of the […]

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Risks of Having a Vacant Rental Property

risks of vacancy

One thing is almost always guaranteed in the life of a landlord – a vacant unit. Your tenant may leave for a myriad of reasons. But regardless, you have the responsibility of finding a replacement tenant as quickly as possible.  The following are common risks associated with having a vacant rental property in Boise.  1. […]

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Southwest Idaho NARPM Vacancy Report – Q4 2021

Data and analysis provided by: Southwest Idaho Chapter of NARPM. The purpose of this survey is to show vacancy and rental rate trends among single-family homes and multi-family units in Ada and Canyon County. Survey results are displayed by type (single or multi-family) & bedrooms (1-5) for the respective county. Click here to view the […]

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How to Film a Great Video Tour of your Rental

video tours

After a successful rental marketing campaign, prospective tenants will naturally want to view the property before making a decision.  Now, how you carry out that showing can make the difference between renting it quickly and prolonging the vacancy period. However, in recent years, in-person tours are becoming less and less common. In their place, landlords […]

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Tips to Make Renting to Tenants with Pets Successful

tenants with pets

Renting to tenants with pets can be a lucrative marketing strategy for landlords. There are plenty of benefits associated with being a pet-friendly rental. You can increase your income by collecting pet deposits, pet fees, or pet rent. You can also appeal to a wider range of prospective tenants. Realistically, welcoming pets comes with possible […]

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3 Day Notice to Quit in Idaho: An Overview

3 day notice to quit

What is a Notice to Quit in Idaho The Notice to Quit in Idaho is a legal document that a landlord must serve to a tenant in an attempt to fix a violation. An eviction notice gives a tenant a certain period of time to fix the violation or move out. The specific notice type […]

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Showing a Property with Tenants

Showing a property

Once your current tenant has provided you with their notice that they plan to move it, you must start looking for a replacement. If you wish to continue earning a steady passive income while avoiding vacancy periods, then it’s best to start advertising the rental and looking for new tenants as soon as possible.  Typically, […]

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Is a Month-to-Month Lease Better for Landlords?

month-to-month lease

A lease agreement is a legal contract that both landlords and tenants sign when renting out a property. It is meant to explain the obligations of both parties as well as their rights. There are several types of leases that can be used depending on the duration of the leasing period.  A month-to-month lease, as […]

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