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March 2020 RMA – Dog Responsibilities – Visa Gift Card

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White Long Coated Dog on Grassland

Thank you for participating in the February Newsletter Puzzle.  After a random drawing amongst all of our correct responses, Our February winner is Blake Lester, who won a $25 Visa Gift Card. Congratulations Blake! 

Find a hidden message in this month’s reminders and newsletter! Correct answers will be entered into a drawing for this month’s prize of a $20 gift card to Sockeye Brewing! 

Read this month’s reminders and newsletter below for clues.  And don’t forget to read next month’s newsletter to see if you won!

Good luck!

Important Reminders

The winter will be winding down soon! Time to tidy up the yard to get ready for beautiful spring.

Our property managers are out and about driving by homes on the lookout for:

  • Dog feces
  • Soggy trash that may have blown into your yard
  • Personal items that should be stored out of sight (bikes, kids toys, garden tools, etc.)
  • Piled up rotting leaves.
  • Broken window blinds or cracked windowpanes
  • Abandoned vehicles, or vehicles with expired license plates

If you have a maintenance request, please visit our Property Meld system here.

Pick Up Your Dog’s Doo-Doo, Dude.

By Athena Savoglou

Two Yellow Labrador Retriever Puppies

Attention dog owners! America’s beloved groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, could not find his shadow on this past Groundhog Day.  That means an early spring for us! With warmer temperatures and sunny days, you will probably be spending more time outside with your furry friend.  Read below for some important info:

Whether your pup is big or small, and whether you walk him/her on the street, on hiking trails, or simply in your own backyard, there is one thing that will always be involved: dog poop.  So, it’s time we talk about it.

Dog poop is actually a bigger deal than you might think.  We all know it is important to pick up after your pup, but certain things may surprise you and cause you to think twice about “forgetting” to scoop it up.

As it turns out, it’s not just the yucky look and smell of it – your dog’s doo-doo could actually cause major harm to the environment. Here are some facts that may surprise you:

  • Dog poop is the third largest cause of water pollution in the environment.
  • When dog poop starts to decompose, toxic bacteria seeps into the surrounding soil.
  • Poop carries dangerous pathogens! Just 1 gram of dog feces contains 23 million fecal bacteria.
  • Rain, snow, irrigation and humidity assist the disease, bacteria, and pathogens found in dog poop to leach into the soil, making its way into lakes, rivers and streams.
  • City water treatment systems are not designed to filter dog waste, so these diseases and viruses make their way into your drinking water.
  • According to the EPA, dog poop is as toxic to the environment as chemical and oil spills!

So, in conclusion, scooping your doggie’s doo-doo is super important! Whenever you are spending quality time with your pooch outdoors, remember to bring a baggy. ☺

Census Reminder 

Boise Area Residents! Don’t forget to fill out your 2020 census.  This only happens once a decade, so it’s very important. You want to be a part of our future, don’t you?  

By April 1, you will receive a postcard invitation to participate online, by phone, or by mail.  Read more at

A side note: “The 2020 Census will differ slightly from previous iterations, as it will be the first version that allows individuals the option to respond online via a secure, digital form. Citizens can also elect to share their information via printed mail form, or by phone where they can also receive assistance in 12 different languages. Citizens can expect to receive a postcard mailer from the U.S. Census Bureau in March of 2020 that will fully explain each option, as well as guide them to in-person assistance if they need it.”