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Tips to Keep Your Home (and Investment) Safe

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rental home safety

When renting out their house, owners should constantly be aware of the safety of the property. Without a doubt, the owner has a lot of responsibility when it comes to having a secure investment. 

An owner must carry out a number of important routine inspections and preventative maintenance in order to avert any problems. Tenants are also expected to carry out certain responsibilities when it comes to maintaining a safe living space. 

The following tips prepared by the team at Realty Management Associates, Inc. will help you understand how to keep your property investment safe:

Check the Materials Used

Assessing the construction materials of potential investment homes is critical. Different materials have different lifespans. Brick is a strong material and can withstand wear and strain. You won’t have to spend a lot of money on repairs over time because it requires little upkeep. However, wood needs more upkeep because it’s a less long-lasting substance. 

When selecting materials for renovations or repairs to any part of the property, the climate should also be taken into account. Let’s say you reside in a humid region. In that scenario, you’ll need to take extra care with items that are susceptible to mold and mildew. 

two contractors in yellow hardboard assessing the quality of different wood

You’ll be able to ensure that your investment property is safe by taking the time to comprehend which are the best materials to use during renovations and repairs.

Install Deadbolts on the Doors

For optimal home security, deadbolt locks are a necessity. These kinds of locks are much harder for anyone to access without the right key because, unlike spring bolt locks, they can only be moved by turning the locks cylinder. 

All homes should have deadbolt locks, but those that are vacant for long periods or over the holidays. You can also consider investing in security systems if your budget allows for it.

Have Solid Lease Agreements

The most frequent problem that landlords experience is damage to their property, which necessitates costly repairs and can even put the property and its residents at risk. It’s therefore highly advised to have lease agreements covering all party’s rights and responsibilities as well as standard policies. 

Include clauses on property damages, risks outside of your control, and property theft. By ensuring that you and your tenants are on the same page, you’ll be better able to mitigate issues of property damage and conflict. 

Employ a Property Manager

To guarantee that your tenants are happy, you must stay on top of your landlord responsibilities. This may be challenging if you don’t have the time or experience, or if you live far from your property. Instead, you can opt to hire a professional property manager to oversee your rental operations. 

property manager sitting at their desk looking over contracts

Property managers are experts at selecting tenants, marketing vacant units, managing day-to-day tasks, and monitoring market trends.

Install Alarms on the Windows and Doors

Door-stop alarms are very useful in preventing unauthorized individuals from entering the property. Window alarms are also helpful because they are made to detect vibrations and movement.

Alarms for doors and windows are simple to install, and you can take care of their removal or replacement yourself. They are affordable, modest, and mobile. Many alarms emit piercing noises, serving as both a deterrent and an alert system at the same time.

Light Up Any Dark Areas

Inspect the house at night and see if there are any areas that need to be better lit. Increase the security of your rental property by installing external lighting. The darkest areas should be illuminated either by motion sensor lights or ones on timers. 

Additionally, having ample lighting at the front door and along walkways is a smart idea. This will not only benefit your renters when they return home at night but also dissuade trespassers.

Screening Potential Tenants

Property owners may forget that the renters they allow into their property could pose a risk to their possessions. You may get along with a prospect when you first meet them, but it’s still vital to do your due diligence before inviting them to sign the lease agreement. 

person conducting a tenant screening over the phone and taking notes

You should conduct some background research on potential tenants to determine their dependability. You want to ensure that the tenant will be able to make timely and consistent rental payments, maintain the unit during their stay, and abide by lease terms. 

You should therefore check their credit and employment histories, as well as see if they have any relevant criminal offenses. For added protection, you can contact former landlords to learn more about the prospect’s character. 

Maintain Clear Pathways

Ensure there’s nothing that could be useful to burglars at your property’s entryways and walkways. For robbers, hedges and bushes can make the perfect cover. Keep your exterior well-lit, and greenery like shrubs and trees well-maintained. 

Inside the property, you also want to ensure that walkways and stairs are clean of tripping or slipping hazards. 

Make the Appropriate Safety Inspections

To ensure that everything is working as it should be, landlords should carry out regular inspections. This will involve testing appliances on a regular basis as well as an annual gas safety inspection. Additionally, it’s wise to verify the smoke and carbon monoxide detector’s functional. 

Bottom Line

It’s important to keep your investment property safe. This will help your find long-term tenants and ensure that your property remains in good condition all year round. If you would like help with this, or any other aspect of property management, work with a qualified company.

Our goal at Realty Management Associates, Inc. is to provide accredited, professional, and comprehensive property management services. We are dedicated to ensuring that our lease agreements safeguard you and your property to the fullest extent permitted by law. Contact us today to learn more about our services!