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June 2023 – Important Owner Reminders!

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Maintenance Updates

The optional maintenance surveys are in! This survey is your opportunity to select services for your investment property in 2023 to help maintain the integrity of your property. 

The maintenance updates only apply to those of you who have pre-ordered preventative maintenance services. If you didn’t opt in for a service you read about in this newsletter, and would like to schedule a service, just email your property manager to let them know.

Optional services to be sent to vendors in June:

  • Dryer Vent Cleaning
  • Crawlspace/Attic/Roof Inspections
  • Whole Home Inspections

Other questions?  Please email your property manager!
Jackie Lusk –
Mark Hess–
Deeanna Windes –

Accounting Updates

If you ever have questions about your statement, please contact your property managers:
Mark Hess,
Jackie Lusk,
Deeanna Windes,

If you have trouble logging into your client portal, please contact your property managers or Brandy Ker at

Tenant Update

This month’s tenant newsletter reminds your tenants of the important reminders they need to keep your home in perfect condition now that Spring has arrived.

Check out our tenant newsletter this month: