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January 2022 – What Happens When A Maintenance Request is Submitted?

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What Happens When a Maintenance Request is Submitted?

By DaNay Salas

Regardless of property size or locale, owners and property managers everywhere must all deal with one thing: maintenance.  Usually, maintenance is routine and taken care of by your property manager on a seasonal basis.  However, it is inevitable that once in a while, there will be a maintenance issue that requires attention.  We at Realty Management Associates want to make it as easy as possible for your tenants to be able to communicate with us and have maintenance completed in a prompt and seamless manner.  The way we do this is through a system called Property Meld.  For owners, Property Meld will be a way to notify you and keep you updated on maintenance issues in your property.
Owners do not need to register for property meld. It is a maintenance service tenants are invited to when RMA began managing their property, whether this was at the beginning of their tenancy, or during.  After a tenant submits a request, you will receive a notification that they have created a “meld,” which is essentially a maintenance request ticket.  You may choose to receive these notifications via email or text or select both.  You will be notified as to whether the maintenance has been approved and completed.  Basically, all you need to do is watch for these notifications to stay aware of maintenance going on at your property or properties. If you have any questions about your maintenance issue, you may email through the meld system or contact your property manager, and they will get back to you with an update or to discuss what necessary steps needs to be taken to address the current maintenance issue. If you prefer not to be bothered by any notices, you have the option to disable them. We hope this puts you at ease during a maintenance issue – RMA has your back!

Maintenance Updates

Be sure to look out for the optional maintenance survey at the end of January. This survey is your opportunity to select services for your investment property in 2022. Please be sure to read and respond to that survey. 

There are no scheduled maintenance services in January.

Other questions?  Please email your property manager! 

Jackie Lusk:
Mark Hess:

Accounting Updates

The one-time $50.00 annual administrative fee will be charged in January. 

Additionally, all year-end information will be mailed to you by 1/31/21.  Your January Statement will be available through your portal as usual after the 25th.

Your detail Profit and Loss statements, (owner’s income and expenses for each property), will be attached to your owner portal at the end of January.

Your 1099 will be mailed on or before January 31. For security reasons, the 1099s are not made available to view online.

Please remember that we need to have a current mailing address to send year-end tax information.

If you ever have questions about your statement, please contact your property managers:
Mark Hess, Jackie Lusk,

If you have trouble logging into your client portal, please contact your property managers or Brandy Ker at

Tenant Update

This month’s tenant newsletter explains to tenants how to use our property meld system for maintenance requests.

Check out our tenant newsletter this month: