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January 2020 – RMA Website Gets a Bright New Look!

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Happy New Year!

RMA Website Gets a Bright New Look!

Happy New Year! We have some exciting news to kick of your 2020: We have given our website a refreshing new look that still has all the convenient features that you have gotten to know!  Aside from a bright and fun new look that highlights lovely downtown Boise, the new site still has shortcuts and features that make everything a breeze (and did we mention it’s pretty to look at?).

On the dark blue bar at the top of our site, you will find your Owner Portal is still easily accessible.  Aside from that, everything you need as an RMA client is still in the “Owners” section. 

To refresh your memory, on your Owner menu, you can find a plethora of features there to help you to get the most out of our services and answer questions you might have as a property owner.  Firstly, the management tab provides you with a rundown of exactly what we take care of as your property manager. As it is your property, we know it helps to know exactly what we are responsible for doing (hint: it is almost everything).  Next, there is a list of Owner FAQs that address most logistical concerns or curiosities you might have, such as getting your property ready for a rental, what to do if there is damage, and when you will receive your money each month. After that, as we mentioned, there is access to your owner portal, which as you know allows you to check the status of your property and financials.  Then, there are our beloved owner newsletters with topics of interest to property owners in the Boise area. Finally, you can look at the bottom of the menu to reference the areas RMA serves, in case you are thinking of expanding your portfolio.

We know you will love the new aesthetic of our website.  Take a look here and see for yourself!

Maintenance Updates 

Make sure your rental benefits from preventative maintenance care. Look for your 2020 Opt-In maintenance survey, scheduled to email to you at the end of January.

The maintenance updates only apply to those of you who have pre-ordered these preventative maintenance services. If you didn’t opt in for a service you read about in this newsletter, and would like to schedule a service, just email to let him know.)

There are no preventative maintenance services scheduled for January.

Questions?  Please email Spencer.

Accounting Updates 

Year End Accounting

While everyone else was slowing their pace and enjoying the holiday season, the accounting staff at RMA were busy wrapping up bookkeeping for the year end.

Here is what you can expect this month:

Your January Statement will be available through your portal as usual after the 25th.

Your detail Profit and Loss statements, (owner’s income and expenses for each property), will be attached to your owner portal at the end of January. It will also be sent to the address we have on file for you by US mail on or before January 31st.

Your 1099 will be mailed on or before January 31. For security reasons, the 1099s are not made available to view online.

If you ever have questions about your statement, please contact

Tenant Update

Edison Bulb on Chalk Board

This month’s tenant newsletter also explains the new RMA website. We highlight helpful pages and links, and remind tenants about the pay online and maintenance request features.

This month, we feature another crossword puzzle, the clues for which are buried in our Reminders sections as well as the feature article.

Check out our tenant newsletter this month: January Tenant Newsletter

What Are You Interested In?

This newsletter is intended as a resource and communication platform for you.  If there is a topic, relevant to the management of your investment property, that you would like me to write on, please let me know!