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February 2021 – (Appliance Shortage in the Age of COVID)

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COVID 19 Update

RMA wishes all our owners safe sequestering!

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Idaho has experienced another very challenging month for COVID-19 spread.  As of January 24, 181 new cases were recorded that day bringing the total number to 159,506 with 1,669 deaths. As of January 24,93,582 doses of vaccine have been administered to Idaho residents.   Idaho remains in Stage 2 Order.

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Appliance Shortage in the Age of COVID

By DaNay Salas

Over the past year, our office has found it extremely difficult to get appliances replaced or repaired in properties due to the shortage that has affected not only the Treasure Valley, but nationwide. The most difficult items to replace have been refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, and dryers, and even microwaves. Why the shortage? Since more people are now quarantined at home, these appliances are used more frequently, causing older appliances to break down. People are cooking more, doing more laundry, and running the dishwasher on a more frequent basis.  This added wear and tear on the appliances, and in some cases, led to appliance failure. 

The above-mentioned appliance failures, along with a building boom in the Treasure Valley, has resulted in exceptionally high demand. This, at a time when most manufacturing plants around the world have had to scale back due to several factors, the main reason being the COVID caused health crisis. Employees have had high rates of COVID infection, affecting production and in some cases bringing manufacturing plants to a complete halt. Many factories had to close or allow fewer people inside, which of course affects the production rate. Since reopening, they have a fraction of the staff to meet safe-distancing requirements within the plants. The major hubs affected for shipping and manufacturing of new appliances and replacement parts are the U.S., China, and Mexico.

Gone are the days of finding basic model appliances, at the lower end of the price range which were ideal for our owners and their properties. Our preferred appliance vendor has been unable to keep standard rental grade appliances in stock since early in the COVID crisis. Trying to find a standard, basic model of let’s say a dishwasher that is in the $300-$400 range, has proved to be impossible, waiting for months in hopes of product being restocked. Same goes for standard refrigerators in the 18-20 cubic feet models. The other challenge that has been difficult, is the delivery schedules. Most major appliance retailers are weeks out to get the product delivered, which has caused unusual hardship on tenants who find themselves with a non-functioning appliance.

What does this mean moving forward? Unfortunately, if an appliance fails and cannot be repaired, you may be forced to spend more on an appliance than you would normally budget for, as it has been easier to order and obtain higher end appliances. Until manufacturing plants can ramp up production, there are few options for owners who have to replace appliances. Our office is doing everything we possibly can to help our owners and tenants navigate through this frustrating situation. Let’s hope that 2021 will be a better year.

Important Information for Owners with Home Warranties

If you have a home warranty on your property, our office asks that you please contact your warranty company to list RMA as an authorized additional contact. COVID has created massive disruption, as per our article. This in turn has created long wait times and communication challenges with the warranty companies. If RMA is not authorized as an additional contact by the owner, communications are further delayed and scheduling and repairs will take longer. From this point forward, RMA will only handle the logistics for repairs through warranty companies if we are named additional contact. Please look for an email from your property manager with further information on this. 

Maintenance Updates

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There is no optional maintenance work scheduled for January.

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Accounting Updates

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