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Thank you for participating in the January Newsletter Puzzle.  After a random drawing amongst all of our correct responses, Our January winner is Kimberly Cupp, who won a $20 gift card to Target. Congratulations Kimberly!

Find a hidden message in this month’s reminders and newsletter! Correct answers will be entered into a drawing for this month’s prize of a $25 Visa gift card. Read this month’s reminders and newsletter below for clues. Good luck!

Important Reminders

  • All the usual cold weather reminders are still in effect. We may not have snow in the valley, but the temperatures can drop below freezing at night. So, whether you are home or away, keep your heat in the 60s to prevent freezing pipes.
  • Our monthly reminder – have you changed filters recently? If not, please do so right away. Clean filters improve the performance of your furnace and keeps your air quality free of allergens and dust.
  • Hopefully, we are past danger of much snow falling in the valley now, but remember, unless you live in a multi-family community it is your responsibility to clear the sidewalk in front of your house. Please also clear snow and ice from your front walk, driveway and away from utility meters.
  • If your gutters are full of leaves and debris, you may notice them overflowing when it rains, or sagging from weight, or growing plants. If you witness any of these tell-tale signs, please take a photo of the evidence and submit it to us through the property meld system on our website so that we can issue a work order.
  • Your foundation vents should have been closed up for the winter. This reduces freezing air from creating a hazard to crawl space plumbing and will also help to keep your home warmer. But remember, as it turns to Spring weather to open these vents up to promote healthy air circulation.

If you have any maintenance concerns for your yard or your home, please CONTACT US!

Don’t Let Parking Stress Follow You Home!

(Even though you saw the space first, we believe you.)

By Athena Savoglou

We all know how bothersome parking disputes can be. You go to the shopping center, there is one parking space left, and you get excited… Only to realize that the person in the adjacent space had crossed over the line a few inches, thereby not allowing your car to fit in the space. And now you are back to square one.

These parking issues are unfortunately a part of life, but they do not have to follow you home, even if you live in a multi-family community. In the multi-family communities under RMA management, parking spaces are usually very easily identifiable. When you have found your space, please make sure to park inside the lines, so as to leave space for others in adjacent spots. Doing so not only avoids inconveniencing others, but it could benefit the paint on your car, should someone decide to squeeze in anyway. Also, when parallel parking, please make sure to leave enough room in the front and back of your vehicle for the cars on either end to come and go with enough room. This is not just good karma; it protects your car’s bumpers too. Finally, if someone inadvertently parks in your spot, please do not take it upon yourself to park in someone else’s; simply leave a note on their windshield, notifying them of the mix up, and park in a general space. This will avoid confusion, any applicable parking violation fees, and of course, bad karma.

On the other hand, if you live in a single-family home and have more vehicles than fit in your driveway, please make sure to park in front of your own house. If you have any smaller or seldom-used vehicles (i.e. recreational automobiles or collectables), store them in your garage. Vehicle storage in public areas is often grounds for a fine by an HOA management company. Similarly, if you live in an older community with limited parking, try to use spaces in front of your home as much as possible. If not, look for alley space versus street-front parking in front of your neighbors’ homes. Adhering to these guidelines as closely as possible will make for a pleasant parking experience and maintain good neighbor-to-neighbor vibes.


Solve our Newsletter Puzzle for the chance to win a $25 Visa gift card!

Find puzzle clues to our secret hidden message in the reminders and newsletter. Good luck!

If you have found the hidden message, please email your answers to All correct answers will be submitted for a drawing for the prize.