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How to Boost Your Rental Property’s Curb Appeal

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boosting curb appeal

When thinking of ways to make your rental property more attractive, it’s important to focus on the exteriors in addition to the amenities inside your unit. Curb appeal forms the first impression of your property for prospective renters. When done right, this has the power to encourage people to sign a lease with you.

Even if you may have modern furniture and energy-efficient appliances, your curb appeal still plays a huge factor that dominates the decision of potential tenants. When making changes to your curb appeal you have several options. Best of all, in many cases, you can improve your curb appeal with minimal effort or expense.

Here are recommendations to make your curb appeal more attractive which will give you a competitive edge against other rentals:

Add a Dash of Color

Color can affect a tenant’s mood and also makes a rental home more noticeable. When people are passing by, they’re more likely to look up when seeing bold or bright hues outside the rental unit. 

This is a fairly easy improvement to make since it’s affordable. It doesn’t have to require painting the whole rental in a splashy color, though. You can paint the front door a bright color, or plant colorful flowers. 

Provide Greenery

Plants have a way of creating a soothing ambiance. They can also enhance your curb appeal. More greenery can energize and uplift the spirit. It’s best to contact a landscape expert on how to add more green areas to your rental property.

planting greenery

It’s vital that the plants be easy to maintain. If they take a considerable effort to take care of them then tenants are unlikely to keep up with the maintenance.

Focus on Attractive Lighting

Even at night, the way you present your rental home is still vital. Lighting is a great way to amplify the beauty of your property. It can also help with security. The good news is that lighting designs come in a range of prices and styles. You can pick according to your set budget. 

A way to direct the eye is by building a pathway to your rental home. This gives you a chance to highlight an attractive area of the house at nighttime. It also creates a secure feeling as people can clearly see where they’re going and who’s out front. A well-lighted home also discourages trespassers thus protecting the property and its tenants.

Zero in on Outdoor Maintenance Issues

Going back to the idea that the exterior is a person’s first impression of the space, no one wants to step inside a home that displays exterior clutter. Do the following tasks to maintain the yard: 

  • Remove old furniture
  • Get rid of the weeds 
  • Have a set time to mow the lawn. 
  • Fix fences, repair ripped screens, and replace dim bulbs
putting up fencing

Curb appeal must be regularly maintained to capture prospective tenants. This is non-negotiable if you’re marketing the property. Unsightly cobwebs and dirty windows can discourage potential renters to check out the property’s interiors. Ensure that only positive impressions are made by maintaining your rental. 

Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint

Paint can eventually look dull in your property’s exteriors. This is obvious since it’s more exposed to the elements making wear and tear occur much faster. Thus, it’s important to apply new paint every few years as part of their maintenance program. 

When deciding to repaint your property and improve the curb appeal, you might debate whether to make it into a DIY project or hire a professional painter. Doing it on your own may save you money. However, do this only if you’re experienced. Otherwise, it’s much better to let a painting expert perform it.

Decorate Your Front Door

As the centerpiece of your home’s exterior, front doors generate a lot of attention. It’s necessary to examine if it’s attractive. Having the entire exterior looking fresh but the front door looking neglected will only dampen the attractiveness of the rental home. 

Replace doorknobs or add new hardware. Take time to repaint and add stylish accessories. You can also place bright lanterns, and add planters and door decorations. There are several choices to select from depending on your taste and budget. 

secure front door for rental property

Maintain a Consistent Cleaning Schedule

Arranging a routine exterior cleaning program can help you maintain your curb appeal. You can try power washing as it’s an intensive way of cleaning your property’s exterior. It can get rid of the toughest dirt and stains from your porch and driveway. You can consider renting a power washer.

Cleaning your gutters can also help you avoid water damage and debris left from heavy rains and windy days. This can make your rental home appear tidy and bright. Displaying a clean property helps capture more prospective renters. It also makes them excited to see the interior.

Bottom Line

As a landlord, it’s important to consider your property’s curb appeal in addition to the interior’s aesthetics. Doing so elevates your rental space in comparison to other properties. It also makes the marketing process easier. If you already have tenants they will be happier and more likely to stay longer in your property.

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