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April 2020 RMA – Property Meld – Visa Gift Card

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Solve Our Puzzle

Thank you for participating in the March Newsletter Puzzle.  After a random drawing amongst all of our correct responses, Our March winners are LaVaughn and Chip Hull, who won a $20 Walmart Gift Card!

Find the answers to our crozzword puzzle in this month’s reminders and newsletter! Correct answers will be entered into a drawing for this month’s prize of another Visa Gift Card! (Due to current circumstances, we will be offering a gift card to Sockeye Brewing later in the year.

Read this month’s reminders and newsletter below for clues.  And don’t forget to read next month’s newsletter to see if you won! Good luck!

COVID-19 Update

Idaho’s Governor Little announced a Statewide Stay-Home Order effective as of 1:30 p.m. March 25, 2020, through at least 11:59 pm. on April 30, 2020.

RMA wishes all our tenants safe sequestering!

General tips for staying safe:

  • Menu plan for a minimum of a week at a time so that you limit your trips to the grocery store. Only run errands that are absolutely essential.
  • Stay home and practice social distancing. 
  • When recreating, do not gather in groups and keep a distance of at least 6ft from other people.
  • Please follow all CDC guidelines

If you have suffered financial hardship through a work layoff due to COVID-19, RMA will review your circumstances and work with you to get through this time.  Please reach out to your property manager, or, and be prepared to provide supporting documentation of your layoff.


No doubt you felt it? On Tuesday March 31 a 6.5 magnitude earthquake, centered 73 miles northeast of Meridian, struck shortly before 6pm.

According to FEMA, the effects of an earthquake are sometimes slow to appear. Residents are urged to inspect their homes for damages that may have just come to light. Officials say walls can separate and cracks start to form weeks after the earthquake strikes. 

FEMA officials say earthquake damages can be subtle as well. If not fixed in time, cracks between the walls can allow water to leak in and cause serious problems in the future, for example, rotting wood or a problem with mold. A structure that has shifted from its foundation leaves unsupported areas weakened and liable to break away.

RMA asks for your help! Please inspect the property you are living in and report anything that looks suspicious to you.  With multiple small aftershocks occurring, damage could appear over the next month, so please stay alert and look for any telltale signs.

Here’s what to look for:


  • Look for severe cracks or openings, especially around outdoor steps or porches.
  • Look for cracks in external walls. Check to see if existing cracks in the walls are getting bigger.
  • Look for loosened exterior siding
  • Look for gaps around plumbing pipes that exit the foundation wall
  • Check to see if mortars are separating from the blocks.


  • Look for cracks between the chimney and the exterior wall or the roof.
  • Check to see if there is unexplained debris in the fireplace.


  • Check to see if hot water heater is leaning or tilted.
  • Check to see if the furnace has shifted in any way, and if ducts and exhaust pipes are connected and undamaged.


  • Check to see if doors and windows are harder to open, and if doors do not shut properly.
  • Check to see if the roof is leaking. Look for water damage to the ceiling.
  • Look for cracks in the walls, poorly aligned window frames
  • Check to see if the floor is separated from walls or stairwells inside the house
  • Look for cracks between walls and built-in fixtures such as lights, cupboards or bookcases.

Important Reminders

1) Spring seems to have arrived in the Treasure Valley. The temperature has warmed and spring bulbs are poking up their heads. Now is a good time to get out in the yard and pick up any winter debris that may be lying around.

2) Sprinkler turn ons will start in mid-April and continue through mid-May. Sprinkler systems on city services will be the first to be turned on. We have to wait for the irrigation districts to fill the canals before we can turn on pressurized systems.

3) Our monthly reminder – have you changed filters recently? If not, please do so right away. Clean filters improves the performance of your furnace and keeps your air quality free of allergens and dust. If you don’t know where to find you filters, or how to change them, call your property manager.

4) If your gutters are full of leaves and debris, you may notice them overflowing when it rains, or sagging from weight, or growing plants. If you witness any of these tell-tale signs, please take a photo of the evidence and submit it to us through the property meld system on our website so that we can issue a work order.

5) It’s time to open up your foundation vents to allow for healthy air circulation!

If you have any maintenance concerns for your yard or your home please CONTACT US! All maintenance concerns should be submitted through property meld, accessed on our website, under the Tenant Tab – Maintenance Request – Submit Work Order.  Also, there is a “Maintenance Request” link on the dark blue bar at the top.

Got a Maintenance Request? Our Property Meld System is Here for You!

By Athena Savoglou and MacKenzie Richardson

Regardless of home size or locale, landlords, property managers, and tenants everywhere must all deal with one thing: maintenance.  Usually, maintenance is routine and taken care of by your property manager on a seasonal basis.  However, it is inevitable that once in a while, you will have a maintenance request.  We at Realty Management Associates want to make it as easy as possible for you to be able to communicate with us and have your maintenance completed in a prompt and seamless manner.  The way we do this is through a system called Property Meld.  This can be found on our website, either on the tenant menu under “Maintenance Request” or on the dark blue bar at the top of our homepage.

For tenants, using Property Meld is straightforward.  Below we have laid out a few easy steps that will make putting in a maintenance request easy as pie:

  1. The Invite.  When you first became our tenant, RMA invited you, through the email you have provided, to register for Property Meld.  If you have not done so already, you will need to register for a Property Meld account with your email and a newly created password. If you can’t find the email invite, please email to request another invite.
  2. Once you are registered you will have access to create a Meld.  A “Meld” is a maintenance request that can be reviewed by the maintenance coordinator as well as your assigned property manager.  When creating this Meld, you will advise of your address and where the issue is located in your home as well as a description box where you are able to go into detail regarding the issue you are facing. You may also attach a photograph of the issue, which is often very useful for us to assess the problem. 
  3. Once the meld has been submitted the maintenance coordinator will review the request for maintenance and assign a vendor to the issue.
  4. A vendor will be assigned to your maintenance request within 24-48 hours, usually by the next business day.  The vendor will reach out to you within 24-48 hrs of receiving the maintenance ticket to review a time and date that works for you to schedule a maintenance call.
  5. During the scheduling and service process you will receive updates via email or text, depending on how you setup your meld account. Once service is completed the maintenance coordinator will close the Meld and you will be requested to rate your experience. 

Census Reminder

Boise Area Residents! Don’t forget to fill out your 2020 census.  This only happens once a decade, so it’s very important.  You want to be a part of our future, don’t you? 

You should have already received a postcard invitation to participate online, by phone, or by mail.  Read more at

A side note: “The 2020 Census will differ slightly from previous iterations, as it will be the first version that allows individuals the option to respond online via a secure, digital form. Citizens can also elect to share their information via printed mail form, or by phone where they can also receive assistance in 12 different languages. Citizens can expect to receive a postcard mailer from the U.S. Census Bureau in March of 2020 that will fully explain each option, as well as guide them to in-person assistance if they need it.”

Introducing MacKenzie Richardson!

Meet our newest employee, MacKenzie Richardson. MacKenzie joined RMA in February as our Maintenance Coordinator. MacKenzie will be assisting the property managers by handling all the maintenance coordination for the rentals.  Her email is,, but please remember to submit all maintenance requests via the Property Meld system explained above.

April Puzzle

Complete our April crossword puzzle for a chance to win a Visa gift card! Clues are in this month’s reminders and newsletter above. Email with your responses! Good luck!