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10 Amenities Renters in Boise Can’t Resist

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If you want to be a successful landlord, you have to meet your tenants’ needs.

Providing appealing amenities will not only attract quality tenants, but it will convince them to stay long-term. Having a good and reliable tenant will provide you with secure and stable rental income.

We here at Realty Management Associates have gathered this list of amenities that most tenants are looking for. Having these amenities will set you apart from other rental properties in your area.

What Most Tenants are Looking for in a Boise Rental

1. Flexible pet policies

Most tenants in the US own pets. In fact, according to the National Pet Owners Survey, 67% of Americans are pet-owners.

If you make your property pet-friendly, you’ll be able to attract a greater number of tenants. You can also charge a pet deposit to protect yourself from damages caused by a tenant’s dog or cat.

Tenants who own pets are also more likely to stay long-term. This is because they know it’s difficult to find a pet-friendly property. Or they don’t want to stress their pet out by constantly moving.

2. Lots of outdoor space

Many tenants want amenities such as an outdoor pool, so they can go swimming in the summer. They may also want a fitness or yoga studio inside or near the complex so they can stay fit.

It’s great if your property offers these kinds of amenities, but what most tenants really want is a property that has lots of outdoor space. Some examples of outdoor spaces are a patio, deck, balcony or a fenced-in yard. No matter the outdoor space you provide, having one is better than nothing.  

boise idaho amenity outdoor space

3. Walkability

It’s beneficial if your property is in a great location. What exactly does this mean? Well, to most renters, your property is in a great location if it has a high Walk Score. A Walk Score is the measure of a location’s walkability.

If your property has a Walk Score between 50 to 100, this means most amenities are within walking distance. Having a Walk Score below 50 means that tenants will be dependant on a car for most amenities.

In the US, more and more people are moving to urban areas. The majority of the tenants just want to live in a property that is central, and they want the convenience of being able to walk to shops, parks, restaurants, school, work, and entertainment hubs.

4. Safe and secure environment

It’s important to reassure your tenant that you always change locks when you change tenants. There are several other things you can do to make your tenant feel safe:

  • Install high-security locks, security cameras and an alarm system.
  • Add a wooden dowel at the base of sliding glass doors.
  • Provide sufficient outdoor lighting.
  • Control who has access to the keys.
  • Keep the line of communication with your tenant clear.

5. Well-maintained property

Being a tenant has its advantages since they don’t need to worry about maintenance or repairs. The owner or property manager takes care of the regular maintenance and necessary repairs.

boise repairs rental

When you’re showing your property to potential tenants, make sure it doesn’t have any maintenance issues. When the tenant moves in, conduct regular home inspections to ensure your property stays in top condition.

It’s also important to respond promptly when your tenant makes repair requests in order to comply with Idaho landlord-tenant law.

6. Sufficient parking

Tenants often want to have off-street parking, but it’s hard to get if they are staying in an urban city. That’s why if your property is a single-family home with a garage, you can highlight this feature.

If your property doesn’t have a garage, you can highlight any off-street parking, like a covered area or driveway. 

7. Ample storage space

Having a property with ample storage space, such as a garage or walk-in closets, can attract potential tenants. You can consider spending on walk-in closets if your property doesn’t have them. Even if a bedroom is small, having a large closet increases its attractiveness. Tenants welcome any additional storage space.  

8. Washers/dryers

Most tenants want a rental property with a washer/dryer. Of course, as a landlord, you’re not required to offer this extra amenity. There are some tenants who have their own washer/dryer, and others who don’t mind purchasing their own. But it will make your rental property more desirable if you provide them.

rent furnished unit boise id

9. Central air conditioning

For air conditioning, we’re referring to central air, not window units. Summers in Boise can get pretty hot, and window units aren’t recommended because they can add moisture to the home. When you have an AC installed in the window, the seal isn’t perfect. Because of this, it is also not energy-efficient and inconvenient.

10. “Smart” home features

It’s an added bonus if your rental property offers smart features. You’ll be able to attract younger tenants or those who simply love technology.

One example of smart features is temperature controls, which can heat or cool the unit before the tenant comes home. Another example is having lights that automatically turn on when the tenant enters the room. Providing some of these features will make your property hard to resist for tenants. It will allow you to attract quality tenants and rent out your property quickly. And because your property offers amenities that tenants want, they will be encouraged to stay long-term.