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9 Reasons Boise Is a Great Place to Live

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Boise, also called the Treasure City, is one of the best places to live in the U.S. The city has enjoyed the top spot on Time Magazine’s “Cities that get it right” and has also enjoyed top rankings on Forbes’ list of Best Places for Business and Career

Here are nine reasons why Boise is a great place to live:

Outdoor Activities

The outdoor landscape in Boise is beautiful. The area has many rivers, lakes, streams, hills, and trails and not to forget, the Rocky Mountains. Giving you access to some exceptionally beautiful and diverse mountain beauty. Boise is also more or less paradise for people who love to ski as the area has beautiful slopes with ample amounts of snow. There are also many hiking trails and biking courses. All in all, if you are an outdoorsy person, Boise is the ideal place for you. 

Friendly Community

Boise is quite well-known for its friendly neighborhood and community atmosphere. There is very little crime and the community is very cohesive. The feeling of security is very high and most people are not worried about any risk to their lives or their property. 


One of the prime reasons why people move to Boise is the cost of living and affordability. Houses which cost a fortune in LA or New York City are one tenth the price. In addition, the cost of food is also much lower compared to other regions in the U.S. Boise is rich in agricultural resources and the cost of groceries tends to be quite low while the quality of products is very high. In short, whether its property investment or your monthly expenses, your money will go a lot further in Boise than in most places in the nation.

Natural Beauty

Boise has its fair share of natural parks, like the Idaho Botanical Gardens and the MK Nature Center. Within the city, there are walking and biking trails and many gardens where one can just unwind and get recharged. There are many picnic places and areas where you can go and spend some quality time with your family, friends and loved ones. 

Amazing Weather

You get to enjoy all four seasons equally well in Boise. Unlike most places in the nation which are boiling in summer, the average summer temperature in Boise is around 72F and there is very little humidity. In the winter, the temperature averages about 32F. There is minimal rain but snow can be plentiful. Most people enjoy the ability to see all four reasons in full bloom in Boise. 

Blend of Urban and Rural

Boise is a thriving city with a rich culture and plenty of entertainment. You can watch the latest plays at the Shakespeare festival, hear the Boise Philharmonic Orchestra or visit some of the many museums in the city. Almost every week there are touring musicians in Boise, which also has many theaters and even an IMAX theater. Boise has a great variety of restaurants from fast food national chains to mom and pops run restaurants which serve different types of food items. There are Thai, Indian, Greek, Japanese, Vietnamese, Mexican and Italian restaurants all over the place.


Your children will be safe walking home from school and you can be assured your neighbors will be there for you in case you are in need. 


Boise has high-quality schools and colleges at all levels. Boise State University is the largest public university in the state and offers both doctoral and master’s programs in many fields. The university also offers night classes and extended studies for those who work but would like to pursue their studies in the evening.


Boise is a small city and no matter where you go, your commuting times will be short. You definitely will not be stuck in traffic for hours like in Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas or New York City.

Overall, Boise is a sweet, culturally-rich and safe city with lots of natural beauty, fun  entertainment and great weather. You will find plenty of work here and will have ample time to pursue your other interests. Boise is a family town and there are endless opportunities to do activities outdoors and live life to the fullest.