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10 Essential Things to Have in Your Short-Term Rental Property

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Boise, Idaho has become a desirable destination for business people and tourists. The city has been experiencing an influx of visitors every year. This is thanks to its active arts community and its lively downtown filled with shops, restaurants, nightspots, and many entertainment joints.

Traditionally, these visitors would be staying in hotels, but most of them often choose short-term rental properties due to the great convenience they offer. Short-term rental properties are popping up all over the city and this has become a lucrative business for many.

If you own a short-term rental property in Boise, it’s your job to ensure that it’s safe, comfortable, and properly equipped. Furthermore, just because your guests choose to book your rental property over a hotel doesn’t mean they aren’t expecting great service. They will be there for a short period of time, so give them an experience they will never forget. 

Here are some thoughtful things you should have in your short-term rental property.

1. Key Box

Guests love being able to check-in at any given time- no restrictions whatsoever. Installing an automated check-in system such as a key box is convenient for you and your guests. Having a key box will let them know that they can come in as they please. It also means that you don’t have to worry about being available 24 hours a day to open the door for them.

Almost everyone knows how to use a key box and the good thing is that it only takes a few seconds to reset. After each guest leaves, always remember to re-code your key box.

2. Slide Latch

Besides keeping your guests comfortable in your short-term rental property, it’s also crucial to ensure that they are safe and secure. One way is to install a slide latch. A slide latch is designed to secure the door by retracting as it slides past the door frame. It is securely mounted within the hollow holding place on the adjoining door frame.

This security device only takes a few minutes to install and costs less than $10. While it’s not as strong as a deadbolt lock, it makes a lot of noise when someone tries to break in. It basically gives your guests a sense of safety.

3. Night Lights

Nothing is scarier than finding yourself in darkness while in a new place. Well, that’s exactly how your guests would feel checking into a rental that does not have night lights. It, therefore, makes sense to have nightlights installed all over the property. This includes in the parking lot, front yard, backyard, hallways, and bathrooms. These lights will make your guests feel comfortable and safe.

LED night lights are an especially great option for installing in rental properties.

4. Local Maps, GuideBooks, and Recommendations

It would help your guests if you left some local maps, guidebooks. Maybe even some handy information of your most recommended restaurants, nightspots, and other entertainment joints in Boise. 

You can also leave some pamphlets with information on the most popular local sights. For example, Boise National Forest, Julia Davis Park, Boise Greenbelt, Boise Art Museum, Idaho Black History Museum, and many others.

It will be much easier for them to plan their trips and help them discover the most interesting features surrounding the city.

5. Framed Instructions

As a property owner, you have a set of rules and regulations that you would want your guest to adhere to. A clever way to let them know is by fixing them in a stylish frame that matches your theme and decor and install it in their rooms.

It not only adds a classy touch but also makes it easy for them to review them at any given time.

6. Smart TV or Streaming Services

When looking for short-term rental properties, one important thing that guests consider is TV access. It’s a great addition that will eliminate boredom and let them enjoy their stay at your property.

A Smart TV is a great addition as it also serves as a large computer monitor that will let your guests enjoy their laptops and mobile devices on the big screen. To make their overall experience even better, purchase subscriptions for streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu and let them enjoy their favorite TV shows and movies.

7. Throw Blanket

After a hard, long day, your guests will most likely lie on the couch and watch their favorite TV programs or stream movies. Enhance their watching experience by providing a throw blanket to snuggle up into during chilly nights.

8. Hair Dryer

Most guests won’t go through the hassle of packing a hair dryer in their suitcases since they expect to find it in their booked short-term rental property. Providing a hair dryer can go a long way in giving your guests a good start. This little extra will make them feel pampered.

9. Plunger

Bathroom blockage accidents can happen at any time and without a plunger, your guests might be forced to endure this great inconvenience. It would make matters even worse if you are not around to fix the problem.

That is why it’s a great idea to include a plunger in every bathroom. There is also something reassuring about seeing a plunger before even needing it since it can come in handy during some situations.

10. Iron and Iron Boards

Clothes stuffed in a suitcase sometimes come out super wrinkled. Your guests will appreciate having an iron and iron board in their rooms. These two essentials are especially important for your guests who are in town for a special occasion or a business meeting. 

Give your guests the ultimate experience in your short-term rental property in Boise by providing them with these essential items. It’s a great way to attract referrals and as a result, boost your rental income.