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Middleton Property Management

Realty Management Associates, Inc., CRMC® (RMA) has been in the business of management of single-family homes and small apartment properties since 1980. RMA has maintained a history of solid, long-term client relationships throughout Middleton and surrounding areas.

These relationships were built on sound property management skills, owner communication, tenant solicitation and qualification, maintenance supervision, and comprehensive accounting practices.

What we do as your Middleton Property Manager

  • Tenant Solicitation
  • Screening Prospective Tenants
  • Property Inspections
  • Perform move-in/out and periodic inspections
  • Keep you informed of property condition
  • Effect preventative maintenance services per your instruction
  • Contract independent vendor services on your behalf
  • Initiate service on vacant or occupied property
  • Address tenants’ concerns
  • Routine Maintenance Supervision
  • 24/7 emergency service availability
  • Administer tenant deposits
  • Enforce all lease terms
  • Cash Flow Accounting
  • Provide monthly financial statements including copies of actual invoices
  • Electronic banking and bill pay services
  • Provide 1099 tax reports and year-end profit and loss statements

Benefits of using RMA as your Middleton Property Management Company

  • The most experience property management company in our market
  • Focus on communication and customer service
  • Monthly newsletters for Owners and Tenants to keep them informed
  • Preferred vendor relationships ensure timely turnover and quality work
  • Stable Employees. Collective RMA employment of 124 years between 9 staff
  • Excellent staff-to-door ratio
  • Continuously seeking improvement to service and systems for the benefit of the Owner.

Rental Marketing

RMA attracts qualified tenants by advertising on all the most popular national and local websites. Data collected indicates that ads strategically placed on national tenant solicitation websites is the most successful form of media advertising.

Professional signage is a valuable marketing tool and is placed on the property to advertise vacancies and attract prospective tenants.

RMA has established professional networks with major employers and government agencies. We work closely with these professionals to assist them with housing needs for their clients and employees.

RMA maintains an internet website,, which advertises current and upcoming vacancies. RMA also advertises on all the most popular national websites that expose vacant properties to prospective tenants outside the Middleton market. Websites, in general, have become a very powerful tool for presenting vacant properties to prospective tenants. Our website is viewed regularly by several relocation companies and large employers in the Treasure Valley.

We maintain regular office hours, Monday – Friday 9am to 5pm. We have a secure system for afterhours drop off and pick up.

Our fully automated showing system, available 24/7 using email and text communication, guides prospective renters through the process of home matching, preliminary qualifying, viewing the property, and encouraging feedback regarding the property. Approximately 80% of the people who we work with use our site to do advance screening of properties.

Data collected indicates a significant decrease in vacancies when utilizing this system.


Cash Flow Accounting

The proper management of the Owner’s rental property necessitates the comprehensive reporting of all financial transactions. All Owner funds flow through a special rental trust account maintained by RMA.

On the 25th of the month (the following Monday if it is a holiday or weekend) RMA closes accounting.  On the 27thof the month (the following Monday if it is a holiday or weekend) Owners receive their rental income by ACH automatic deposit to their bank account and can view their owner statements online through the Owner Portal at our website. Copies of vendor invoices are also provided in pdf form on the Owner portal.  Other reports are available at the Owners request. 

RMA will pay from property funds all normal operating expenses; such as utility charges, maintenance expenses, HOA dues, advertising, and management fees. Accurate receipts of all expenses are kept in the RMA office.

RMA will pay from property funds all normal operating expenses; such as utility charges, maintenance expenses, advertising, and management fees. As an Owner’s option, RMA will pay expenses, such as mortgage payments, taxes, and other assessments. Accurate receipts of all expenses are kept in the RMA office.

1099 reporting is filed with the IRS on all taxable income collected on behalf of the Owner. All vendors receiving compensation from the property account will receive 1099 statements.


Maintenance Supervision

Protecting the value of the asset is a common goal shared by both RMA and the Owner. One of the primary goals of RMA is to obtain quality professional maintenance services at competitive prices, in order to maintain the rental property in a clean and habitable condition.

RMA uses a work-order system to schedule and supervise all property maintenance. RMA’s efficient staff handles all required and preventative maintenance, using the most reliable workmen and tradesmen in the community.

RMA responds to all emergency maintenance requests in a timely manner. Non-emergency maintenance requests are processed to the satisfaction of the Owner and Tenant.

The Owner will be notified of maintenance requests performed, as per the terms of the Management Agreement.


Screening Prospective Tenants

Industry data show that a significant percentage of all applicants will not qualify as a potential tenant.  RMA knows it is much better to have a vacant rental property than a problem tenant! Screening prospective Tenants is one of the most important services provided by RMA. A complete and thorough screening and background check of all prospective Tenants help to ensure that illegal activities do not take place on rental properties managed by RMA.

Each prospective Tenant must have a credit report completed before being considered for tenancy. The prospective Tenant must complete an Application for Residency, which gives RMA permission to run a credit report. A national credit reporting service provides the applicant’s credit history quickly and accurately. The prospective Tenant is responsible for the application fee.

Each prospective Tenant is required to produce verification of employment by submitting W-2 statements, pay stubs, and/or tax returns. RMA requires the most recent two month’s bank statements, to verify legitimate life style and normal cash flow.

Past landlord experiences for the preceding two years are verified by an RMA staff member. If a prospective Tenant has been a homeowner, mortgage payment history and a real estate broker are excellent references. An onsite inspection of the prospective Tenant’s current residence is also conducted, when possible.

After successful completion of the application process and tenancy approved by Realty Management Associates, a lease/rental agreement is executed with the Tenant on behalf of the Owner. RMA will administer the terms and conditions of said lease/rental agreement.


Property Inspections

Each rental property is thoroughly inspected during vacant periods, and the condition of the property is well documented with photographs and extensive notes. These inspections are necessary when holding the tenant accountable, and also insure that maintenance issues are easily identified and completed.

Routine drive-by inspections are conducted periodically to identify any potential issues. When obvious violations of the rental agreement are identified, a complete walk-through inspection is scheduled. The frequency of exterior inspections increases during the summer months and during vacant periods.

It is the policy of RMA to make introduction to several neighbors; this facilitates a mini neighborhood watch. The neighbors appreciate our concern for the property and are eager to report any apparent issues. Our vendor staff is another valuable source of rental property inspection. These individuals are instructed to report immediately to RMA any known rental violations or potential problems.

We offer a range of services to assist you with your investment needs. If you are ready to get started, or simply need more information, please complete the form to the right and we will contact you to discuss options.

Our Leasing Services

Determine rent value

  • Comparative rental market analysis
  • Recommendations to enhance potential

Marketing includes

  • Professional metal signage
  • Internet exposure
  • Networking within professional groups (real estate, legal, accounting, etc)

Preview with prospective tenants

  • Pre-screen potential applicant(s)
  • Supply information and answer questions related to the rental property
  • Schedule appointments
  • After hours and weekend showings

Qualify applicants to our terms

  • Employment and income verification
  • Landlords’ references
  • Review credit report
  • Criminal background check

Preparation of Lease Agreement

  • Draft contract to meet terms negotiated
  • Facilitate signing and supply copies to the parties

Collect move-in funds

  • Receive certified funds from tenant
  • Document transaction and provide accounting

Middleton Area Information

Middleton was named for its location between the old fort Boise and Keeney’s Ferry, it being the midpoint between the two. It served as a rest stop for those heading for Keeney’s Ferry. It had a stage station in the early days of the Oregon Trail, a post office in 1866, and a water-powered gist mill in 1871. Source From Wikipedia

Areas We Serve

We offer our property management services in Eagle, Kuna, Meridian, Nampa, Star, Caldwell, Boise, and in many other areas of Idaho.