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Maintenance Request

If you reside in a home managed by RMA, and have a maintenance issue, please click on the button above so that we can effectively service you. Your requests will be handled in the order that they are submitted with the following response times as guidelines.

Class 1: Emergency Maintenance

Emergency defined: Anything relating to the property under the lease that is threatening to life, health, or the property. Fire (please call 911), flood, sewage back-ups, gas odors (please call gas company), broken water pipes, tree falling on house. Target: 2 to 5 hours” RMA Emergency number: (208) 377-8889 Option #4

The Following are NOT Emergencies

Refrigerator out, locking yourself out of the house, power or gas off, oven not working, water heater out. These issues may be inconvenient, uncomfortable, and aggravating, but they are not emergencies. RMA is not liable for loss of food caused by appliance break down or for damaged belongings due to water leaks. Please make sure that you have adequate renter’s insurance to cover unforeseen personal losses.

Class II: Urgent Maintenance

Broken windows, plumbing repairs (not clogged toilets – see notes below), loose railings, wobbly decks, electrical problems. Target: 2-4 business day service

Note: during peak seasonal months, target response times for heat and air may be subject to delays due to contractor overload.

Class III: Normal Maintenance

Appliance repair, garage repairs, leaky faucets. Target: 4-8 business day service

Class IV: Non-Essential Maintenance

Fence repair, gutter cleaning. Target: 30 day service

Class V: Not a Habitability Issue

Screens; broken lattice; power washing; broken window shade; broken tree limb; missing door stopper; missing door knob; all light bulbs including stove, chandelier, and refrigerator; and fireplace gas keys. Target: Point these items out during next property visit or bring up at lease renewal time. These items may not be approved for repair by the owner.