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Are You Looking to Buy an Investment Property in the Greater Boise Metro Area?

RMA is a great place to start if you are considering investing in residential rentals in the Greater Boise Metro Area.  Our company has been in the business of managing single family homes and small multiplex properties in the Boise area since 1980.  Over these many years we have witnessed times of growth, recessions, and significant urban expansion. 

Why Invest in Boise?

The Boise Metro was the 7th fastest growing metro between 2010 and 2018.  All indicators show continuing in-bound migration.  Boise has made the top-10 list of best cities to live in for the past several years. Even with all the growth we’ve experienced, Boise still offers a superior quality of life and will continue to for the foreseeable future. Growth brings change, and RMA can help you identify the best area to invest in, and share with you the most needed type of rental. 

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How RMA Can Help

As one of the leading property management companies in the Greater Boise Metro area our time is totally devoted to the management of residential investment property.However, RMA works closely with professional, principled real estate agents in our community participating as their trusted property management consultant. We would be glad to refer one of these agents to assist you with attaining your real estate investment goals.

Providing investment clients a comprehensive team effort in successfully acquiring the perfect rental property is something we are proud of.  RMA ensures a seamless transition from purchase to income producing property. Call us today(208-514-4868) to learn more about investing in the Greater Boise Metro Area!

Due Diligence

RMA can offer resources vital to running the numbers and weighing your investment decision. Understanding Idaho property tax, average rents, vacancy rates, anticipated property appreciation, tenant turnover costs, preventative maintenance actions and costs. We can refer you to an experienced agent specializing in the type of investment property you are seeking and knowledgeable in the specific area of the Greater Boise Metro that you want to buy in.


We will work closely with your real estate agent to identify the best investment property for your objectives.  We will consult on rent range estimates, geographic rent desirability – where to get the best rent for your investment, necessary actions to bring a property to rent ready condition, and estimated costs to do so. 

No Down Time

When you engage RMA as a key part of your team prior to selecting your purchase , we will be ready to go into action the moment you close on your investment property!  We arrange for utilities to be transferred to our company, acquire keys, place a lock box on the property, and conduct a full survey of the rental. You receive a detailed report with photographic documentation identifying the condition of the property along with any suggestions our property manager may have on bringing the rental to a rent ready condition that will maximize your rental income. 

Preparing your Rental to Rent

Share the RE10 with us and we’ll take care of the items that need attending to. If you purchase a property that could use some upgrading, we will work with you to accomplish the upgrades between tenant turnovers so as to minimize vacancies and maximize your rent potential.


RMA is continually fine tuning policies and procedures to provide our Owners and Tenants a superior experience.  Our marketing techniques deliver broad market reach minimizing vacancy periods. The applicant screening practices we employ result in quality tenants and tenant longevity.  Routine detailed interior and drive by surveys as well as our annual preventative maintenance opt-in services ensure ongoing upkeep to avoid deferred maintenance thereby protecting the equity in your investment. Evictions are rarely necessary, but when they are, RMA has the experience to expedite results while minimizing costs. Visit our Management page for more information on our quality management services.

To learn more about Boise’s workforce & demographics, market research, and other factors influencing a sound investment decision, view the Boise Valley Economic Partnership website