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Lance & Jana: A Successful Partnership

lance & janas home


Lance and Jana H were looking to establish some roots in the Valley by investing in the real estate market. They knew that the market in the Boise area is highly lucrative, so they felt they needed to act fast while the market was still affordable.

Initially, after they purchased their first property, they decided they would manage it on their own. However, they quickly found that managing even a single property alone was a big challenge. So, when the day-to-day operations of the property became too time-consuming, they decided to partner with a property management company.


Lance and Jana then decided to interview property management companies, to see where the best partnership may lie. Not only because a partnership would help them with their time management but also help them fill any knowledge gaps they may have as first-time investors.

After interviewing different companies, they eventually settled on RMA. What separated us, in this case, was how we were proactive in addressing their concerns. We answered their questions quickly and concisely in a way that gave them confidence so, that when they saw our high review scores, they felt ready to sign an agreement with RMA.


After signing a partnership with RMA, we began to take over the responsibilities of managing their existing properties, and, happily, Lance and Jana have been very pleased with our management style.

We implemented our systems for keeping the property in pristine condition and keeping the tenant happy. Consequently, the lease was successful and both Lance and Jana were able to enjoy the fruits of their investment.

After this, they had the resources and were confident enough in both themselves and their partnership with RMA that they could grow their portfolio by purchasing a second property that RMA is now managing.

Client Testimonial

Having RMA as our property manager has been one of the best real estate decisions I’ve ever made. I was very surprised and impressed by how robust and detailed their process is for effectively managing my property.   

They have a well-tested system for keeping my property in great shape and ensuring I have reliable renters. I never have to worry about my property because I know RMA has a strong handle on taking care of it and working through any problems that come up.  Our properties are very important to us so having real professionals manage them was an easy and great decision. “

Lance and Jana H Owns

Boise- Current Estimated Value: $509,200; Purchase Price: $ 415,000

Current Rent: $ 2,395

Total Cost for Repairs: 0

Boise- Current Estimated Value $846,400; Purchase Price: $780,000

Current Rent: $2,895

Total Cost for Repairs: 0

Total Rent for all properties= $5,290

Total Portfolio Amount: $1,355,600

Total Cost for Repairs: 0