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Catherine G: Working with the Best


Catherine worked with a different property management company when she began her investment journey. But sadly, she found they provided very poor service.

Their reports were poorly made, they missed repairs, didn’t provide annual walk-throughs, they selected poor tenants, communication was an issue and the company provided poor and unreliable rent collection service.

Additionally, the previous company was not doing rent increases to keep up with market value creating a lot of mistrust between the two parties.


Catherine found she could no longer work with her old property management company, meaning that she began to interview for a new partner.

After a detailed search, she settled on RMA.


Since coming on with RMA, the communication has been great. All annual inspections are completed, all the properties have been well cared for and any maintenance issues are resolved.

Tenant screening and placement have both been excellent with good retention rates that keep turnover costs down. Rents have also been increased at market value to keep the positive cash flow on all the properties.

This has been such a positive experience that they are now worry-free, and have built great trust with RMA.

Client Testimonial

Before coming to RMA, we were very dissatisfied with our former agent.  We interviewed several different agents and were impressed with the meeting we had with Spencer who explained all the services we could expect from RMA.  Much more than other companies offered.  And every aspect of service has been just as good as he proposed.  Annual inspections, follow-up on problems, and fair rental increases are among the services we have appreciated.”

Catherine G Owns:

Boise 4-Plex- Current Estimated Value: $714,600; Purchase Price: $350,000

Current Rent: 651-895.00; 653-775.00; 657-1195.00; 659-1140.00 Total Monthly Rent=$ 4,005

Total Cost of Repairs: estimated $5,000

Boise- Single Family- Current Estimated Value: $378,100; Purchase Price: $320,000

Current Rent: $1595.00

Total Cost of Repairs: 0

Boise-Condo- Current Estimated Value: $232,400; Purchase Price: $211,000

Current Rent: $1195.00

Total Cost of Repairs: estimated $5,000

Total Rent for all properties: $6,795

Total Portfolio Amount: $1,325,100